Dental Services

Check-up (30-60 min)
Specialist consulting, detailed treatment planning (1-2 hrs)
Radiogram (10 min)
Computed tomography iCAT VIZION (referral free of charge)
Professional oral hygiene (POH) (ultrasound + Air flow), hygiene evaluation, instruction and control (1.5-2.0 hrs)
First aid (30 min – 3 hrs)
Tooth decoration
Rebuilding filling (Nanocomposite only) (2-3 hrs)
Teeth whitening:

New whitening technology Philips ZOOM (1.5-3.0 hrs)

Internal bleaching (of dead tooth) (1 hr)

Whitening kappa  (production takes 2-3 days)
Endodontic (root canal) treatment:
Root canal treatment (full), filling with hot gutta-percha (1 hr = 1 canal)
Complicated root canal treatment (full), filling with hot gutta-percha (1 hr)
Fracture removal (1-3 hrs)
Pin removal (1-3 hrs)
MTA filling of perforated tooth (30 min – 2 hrs)
MTA filling of canal (30 min – 2 hrs)
Dental implant Straumann (Swiss) with  straight abutment  (1-2 hrs)
Dental implant ROOTS (Swiss) (30 min – 2 hrs)
Insertion of healing abutment (30-40 min)
Angular abutment Straumann

Abutment Straumann /angular

Abutment ROOTS

Zirconium abutment
Sinus lift surgery, upper jaw (2-4 hrs) A-PRF, i-PRF, prgf
Closed sinus lift surgery, upper jaw
Alveolar bone reconstruction (augmentation) (RKR)  (2-3 hrs) A-PRF, i-PRF, prgf
Bone block grafting (2-4 hrs)
A-PRF, i-PRF, prgf filling after tooth extraction
Surgical treatment:                                                                                 
Tooth extraction
Surgical tooth extraction
Retained tooth extraction
Incision (abscess opening)
Hemisection (root separation)
Root resection, cystectomy, and retrograde filling
Gingivectomy (excision of gingival tissue) around a wisdom tooth
Gingivectomy and osteoplastic surgery
Alveolar plastic surgery prior to prosthesis
Periodontal treatment:                                                                        
Deep curettage (1 tooth)
Gingivectomy (1 tooth)
Patch surgery (1 tooth)
Dental crown lengthening surgery, root extension
Labial frenectomy
Surgical treatment of gingival recession using patient’s tissues
Surgical treatment of gingival recession using Resorba Bio-Gide, 15\20 collagen membrane or A-PRF/i-PRF/prgf
Oral vestibule plastic surgery
Gingival contouring for prosthesis and prevention of recession by removing tension of mucous membrane
Dental root amputation, osteoplastic surgery
Restoring a bone defect using a synthetic bone (material costs excluded)
Interradicular area plastic surgery
Oral hygiene instruction
Periodontal bandage placement (dressing)
Suturing or removal of suture
Allogeneic bone graft: Maxgraft 0.5 ml
Hydroxyapatite bone graft: Ti Oss 0.5 ml
Porcelain veneer (CEREC VITA blocks) (1 hr)
Metal-free ceramic crown (CEREC e-max blocks) (1.5-2 hrs)
Metal-free ceramic veneer (CEREC e-max blocks) (1-1.5 hrs)
Metal-free ceramic crown (CEREC Empress, VITA blocks)

Metal-ceramic crown (2 weeks)

Metal-ceramic crown for implant prosthetics (2-3 weeks)

Fibreglass pin (1-2 hrs)
Porcelain pin (1 week)
Temporary crown (1 hr)
Metal-free ceramic crown, based on zirconium oxide (1-2 weeks)
Metal-free ceramic crown, based on zirconium oxide for implant prosthetics (1-2 weeks)
Metal-free ceramic crown, based on aluminium oxide (1-2 weeks)
Teeth whitening kappa
Kappa for bruxism
Protective kappa for athletes POWRGARD
Silicone impression material
Individual prints

Removable complete plastic denture

Removable denture Flextar (USA)